Crosstown 4.0 Jeans Reviewed on Women Riders Now

“If I could design the perfect motorcycle riding jeans and source them from a company that addresses all my needs—and the needs of my fellow female motorcycle riders as I know them—I’d be talking about Worse for Wear and the denim protective riding pants they make.”

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Laura and GearChic Joanne Donn on the Moterrific Podcast

Worse for Wear Crosstown Jeans, after the accident

They’re more than just jeans. They’re technical riding pants in disguise! Worse for Wear Co-Founder Laura Smith chats with GearChic Joanne Donn about what to look for in quality motorcycle gear and how your protective apparel should actually protect you in an accident. Check out Episode 98 of the Moterrific Podcast, available to stream or as a download from the Moterrific website.

Worse for Wear featured in a Moto/Fashion Article

Photo: Nick Davis (@nickdavis_rva)

Biker Women Have More Options Than Ever

By Daisy Alioto

We’ve finally crossed the threshold into the fashion industry. You’ll find us featured in the following article on Biker Women Have More Options Than Ever.

According to the Motorcycle Industry Council, in 1998 women accounted for a mere 8 percent of motorcycle owners. By 2015, the MIC reported that number had risen to 14 percent. Among Generation X and Generation Y owners that percentage was higher — 17 percent and 17.6 percent of owners, respectively, as opposed to 9 percent among baby boomers. With this increased market share came increased demand for fashionable and functional gear.

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Crosstown Slim Motorcycle Jeans on Women Riders Now

This is an excerpt from a review of our Crosstown Slim Women’s Motorcycle Jeans, written by customer Bethany Fitzsimmons for Women Riders Now. Women Riders Now is an online magazine created and maintained by Genevieve Schmitt, one of the leading experts on the subject of women and motorcycling.

“As I slipped into the Crosstown Slims for the first time I could not stop smiling. They fit like a glove. The waist nips in at just the right place and hug my hips perfectly—no handfuls of extra fabric like the riding jeans I had previously purchased. The rise hits just below my belly button and they come up high enough in the back to keep my backside from hanging out when riding.”

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