A man, A plan, A Canal, Panama!

Okay – it’s really more like, a woman and a man, an idea, a plan, WORSE FOR WEAR! But that doesn’t sound nearly as cool and it’s definitely not a palindrome, although we are working on our copywriting skills.

Now that I think about it, the birth of Worse for Wear isn’t so different from the the construction of the Panama Canal. The latter was a huge initiative planned as a way to improve global travel. It was considered one of the most difficult and complex feats of engineering of its time. However, once complete, the entire world benefitted from the efficiency and ease – not to mention safety – of shipping goods via the Panama Canal.

You’re thinking, “but you guys are making motorcycle gear. Also do you know how many people died building the Panama Canal?! This is a really terrible example.” Okay, there will certainly be less death involved. But for us at Worse for Wear, this initiative is huge and we believe in the impact we’ll have in the world of women’s motorcycle apparel. It’s a new path – a new route – for the industry.

By making our gear in-house at our facility in Richmond, Virginia, we’re helping to bring apparel manufacturing back to the United States. Doing it ourselves means we won’t have to compromise on fit, style, quality, or safety. As makers, we’re hands-on in every step of the process, from design, to fabric selection, garment fitting, picking appropriate seam types, threads, trims and more. We quality check our apparel at every step to make sure we’re proud to label each garment with the Worse for Wear logo.

“But why?”, you might ask. Good question. We’re doing this so that when you put on a piece of Worse for Wear gear, you know you’re riding safely, you know you look great, and you’ll feel like you’re conquering the world. You can travel with confidence and style, whether you’re riding across the Panama Canal, or just riding around the block.

Creating apparel we’re proud of and a brand you can trust is a huge initiative for just a couple of kids with an idea and a plan. It takes a lot of effort and determination and engineering and labor (but like we said, far fewer deaths involved with this effort. In fact we aim for – like – zero). But hey, it can’t be as crazy as building a canal through two continents, so we’ve got that going for us.

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