Worse for Wear featured in a Racked.com Moto/Fashion Article

Photo: Nick Davis (@nickdavis_rva)

Biker Women Have More Options Than Ever

By Daisy Alioto

We’ve finally crossed the threshold into the fashion industry. You’ll find us featured in the following article on racked.com: Biker Women Have More Options Than Ever.

According to the Motorcycle Industry Council, in 1998 women accounted for a mere 8 percent of motorcycle owners. By 2015, the MIC reported that number had risen to 14 percent. Among Generation X and Generation Y owners that percentage was higher — 17 percent and 17.6 percent of owners, respectively, as opposed to 9 percent among baby boomers. With this increased market share came increased demand for fashionable and functional gear.

Read the full article on racked.com.

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