Laura Interviewed by Litas Founder, Jessica Haggett

Photo: Nick Davis (@nickdavis_rva)

The Bold Babe Series: Laura Smith – Worse for Wear

By Jessica Haggett

Where are you originally from and where do you live now? I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, and spent the first 30 years of my life there, until I moved to southern California for a couple of years, then 7 years in Austin, Texas and now finally two years in Richmond, Virginia. Growing up in Cincinnati was a really interesting time, especially for me getting into motorcycling because I didn’t really have any friends who rode at all.”

Jessica Haggett, founder of international women’s riding group The Litas, catches up with Laura Smith for a personal interview about her riding experience and the catalyst behind starting Worse for Wear. You can read the entire interview on The Litas website.

Co-Founder Laura and Loryn of Ridewell

Image by Brandon Lajoie

We spend a lot of time learning about our customers – what they like, what annoys them, why they ride, and so on. One such woman is our friend, Loryn, at Ridewell ( We’ve been keeping up with her progress on her bike (The Little Rat) as well as her thoughts on riding safely in traffic and how much she loves the women’s riding community.

Worse for Wear Co-Founder, Laura Smith, recently caught up with Loryn and had a chat with her about the fit, form, and function of women’s motorcycle apparel. You can listen to the interview in hi-fi stereo from her website. Bust out the headphones and it’s like we’re talking inside your head!

Making Women’s Motorcycle Gear that Fits: Worse for Wear cofounder Laura Smith

Laura on Refreshingly Innovative

From Steffon’s website, Refreshingly Innovative:

“Refreshingly Innovative is a podcast and blog that explores people, entrepreneurs, and ideas that are novel, creative, or disruptive. Simply put, anything that is refreshing and/or innovative.

Refreshingly Innovative is hosted by Steffon Bryant Randolph, an entrepreneur, coffee connoisseur, and motorcycle enthusiast. Tweet your episode suggestions or refreshingly innovative things to @SteffonRandolph or @RefreshInnovate.

This episode features an interview with Laura Smith, co-founder and designer at Worse for Wear, an awesome women’s motorcycle apparel company operating in Richmond, Virginia. I get schooled on design, fashion, selvedge denim and more. I had a lot of fun talking with Laura about her business and motorcycles, I hope you enjoy our conversation too.”

Listen to the episode on SoundCloud or in iTunes.


Worse for Wear on RideApart

It’s New, It’s Cool, It’s Made for Women – Worse for Wear

by Laura Llovet

“I’ve been vocal about the limited selection of women’s gear on the market— especially when it comes to gear being made in the USA. However, strides have been made to produce women-specific moto items. I’ve been fortunate to unearth some of the designers who have taken a leap of faith and created fantastic items for women riders.” – Laura Llovet, RideApart

The talented Laura Llovet from RideApart caught up with us for an interview. You can read the article in its entirety on It’s New, It’s Cool, It’s Made for Women – Worse for Wear. Let us know if you have any comments about it – we’d love to hear them!