Crosstown Slim Motorcycle Jeans on Women Riders Now

This is an excerpt from a review of our Crosstown Slim Women’s Motorcycle Jeans, written by customer Bethany Fitzsimmons for Women Riders Now. Women Riders Now is an online magazine created and maintained by Genevieve Schmitt, one of the leading experts on the subject of women and motorcycling.

“As I slipped into the Crosstown Slims for the first time I could not stop smiling. They fit like a glove. The waist nips in at just the right place and hug my hips perfectly—no handfuls of extra fabric like the riding jeans I had previously purchased. The rise hits just below my belly button and they come up high enough in the back to keep my backside from hanging out when riding.”

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CityBike Magazine Reviews Our Riding Jeans

Reprinted with permission from CityBike Magazine

Worse For Wear Crosstown Curvy Jeans

By An DeYoung

New jeans. I don’t know about you guys, but the thought of having to shop for new jeans makes me consider a life of sweatpants. It’s hours of trying to find that one perfect pair. Throw in the need for them to be slide-proof and you’ve got yourself a real challenge. Continue reading CityBike Magazine Reviews Our Riding Jeans

Crosstown Slim Jean Review From Moto Girl Café

Photo: Alexia Philips for Moto Girl Café

Worse For Wear Jeans: Simply the Best

by Beth Lavinder

“Any woman who has ever tried to purchase ‘that perfect pair’ of jeans knows the challenges of finding the pair that is both comfortable and flattering. Women who ride have the extra complication of finding jeans that also have good protective qualities to keep them safe while on the road. To be honest, I’d pretty much given up hope that I’d ever find a pair of riding jeans that fulfilled these requirements.” – Beth Lavinder, Moto Girl Café

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PRESS RELEASE: Crosstown Slim Jean Now Available

New Motorcycle Jeans for Women Made in Richmond, Virginia

November 8, 2016

Richmond, VA – Worse for Wear announced its new Crosstown Slim Jean today, a new fit to complement the Crosstown Curvy Jean that the company began selling in the spring. Fashionable, protective riding gear can be hard for women to find, but Worse for Wear is doing their part to solve that problem. Riding jeans are a popular choice for safety conscious motorcyclists because they provide protection while looking like normal everyday jeans. Worse for Wear’s riding jeans are made of abrasion resistant material and incorporate adjustable safety pads to protect women while riding motorcycles.

Worse for Wear has been making their jeans in Richmond, Virginia since May, 2016. The growing start-up is run by co-founder Laura Smith, who cites her trouble finding riding gear as her inspiration for starting the company. “When I first started riding, I wore men’s gear because women’s motorcycle apparel was practically non-existent. The few options we had were ill-fitting and lacked style. I wanted something better.”

Worse for Wear uses Armalith denim instead of regular cotton denim to resist scraping from pavement. The fabric contains ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), a super tough polymer with very high impact strength. Protection from impact is provided by CE certified viscoelastic knee and hip armor made by SAS-Tec.

From high strength thread, to avoiding use of metal rivets, Worse for Wear has rethought every aspect of the common denim jean with motorcycle safety in mind. “It was really important to us to not compromise in any way on the quality of our product,” says co-founder Laura Smith. “We spent a lot of time making sure we got every detail right, especially the fit. I was sick of riding in jeans that promoted plumber’s crack, and we made sure our jeans would provide total coverage.”

Despite the safety features, the Crosstown jeans look and fit like any other pair of jeans, integrating well with outfits of all styles. The fabric, while slightly thicker than fashion jeans, stretches well and protects with just one layer. One stretchy layer means the jeans are more comfortable than heavy riding leathers or motorcycle jeans that rely on a thick, scratchy  secondary lining for protection.

The new fit is designed for women motorcycle riders with a six to nine inch difference between her waist and hip measurements and a slimmer upper thigh. The original Crosstown Curvy Jean is designed to fit a woman with a 10 to 15 inch difference between her waist and hip measurements. With two styles to choose from, more women can find safe motorcycle riding jeans that fit comfortably.

20161016-c53i7825untitledshootw4wThe jeans are available online from the Worse for Wear website, and through these retailers across the country: Moto Richmond in Richmond, Virginia, Union Garage in Brooklyn, New York, and Flash Motorbikes in Austin, Texas.

More information about the Crosstown Slim Jean is available on Worse for Wear’s website,, or by emailing the company at

More information about Armalith denim is available on their website,


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Worse for Wear
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