Rider Magazine Reviews our Crosstown Slim Jean

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The new Crosstown Slim riding jean receives a favorable review from Jenny Smith at Rider Magazine. You can read the entire review here, along with reviews of a variety of other riding jeans on the market.

Or just cut to the chase and check out The Rider Magazine review of our Crosstown Slim Jean, reprinted here. Don’t forget to read about all the other riding jean options in their original article.

Excerpt from original article written by Jenny Smith of Rider Magazine 

Gear Review: Riding Jeans Buyer’s Guide

Jenny Smith
September 29, 2016

Men’s clothing has always offered at least some level of custom fit; dress shirts offer various neck and sleeve lengths, jeans allow you to choose your waist and inseam measurements, suits are often tailored to fit. Women, however, usually are left to abide by arbitrary and often confusing numeric sizing.

Which is what makes Worse for Wear such an exciting product. Every pair of WfW jeans is made to order, and they are cut and sewn in WfW’s Richmond, Virginia workshop. It currently offers only one cut: Crosstown Curvy (made, as you can guess, for curvy women); however, a straight cut is in the works, and I got a chance to test out a prototype. Sorry guys, this one is just for the ladies.

The high-quality denim is quite stretchy, with ease in the hips for the included SasTec armor. In fact, the hip armor disappears in the clever tailoring. The knee armor is thicker, and can be visible if the jeans fit your legs tightly enough, although there are no external seams. In fact, the smooth, classic dark indigo wash has no fake “whiskering” or embellishments at all. There are no metal rivets to scratch your paint, and the triple-stitched seams are sewn with a bonded nylon thread for strength. The only logo is a small (1-inch) red embroidered W on an upper corner of the right rear pocket.

WfW uses Armalith 2.0 fiber, which is woven into the denim for a cool, lightweight and slim fit. Be honest with your measurements when ordering, and you’ll end up with perfectly-fitting jeans that look good and offer great protection.

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