Diana Rogers – Overall BAMF and Marketing Director

Diana Rogers
Overall BAMF and Marketing Director

My father recently told me, while shaking his head disappointingly, “you used to be such a cautious child.” This was very true up until about 5 years ago, when the idea of getting a motorcycle crossed my mind. I was in my late 20’s.

I never had any interest in motorcycles as a kid. And I’m pretty sure that mini Diana never would have believed that 30-something Diana would be on a rented Harley riding solo through various parts of the country. Eventually, as an adult, something clicked in my brain that told me riding a motorcycle was something I needed to do (that “something” is a story for another time).

So, lo-and-behold, I get my license, buy a little 250cc bike and start cruising around New York City, trying to avoid potholes, pedestrians and literal garbage. Riding has quickly become an addiction – it’s my way of relaxing, being in control and exploring the world around me.

I got involved with Worse for Wear by chance just a few months ago, when a friend of Scott’s shared a post by Laura on Facebook (where else?) about the initiative. I immediately messaged Laura to see if my years of slacking off in the advertising industry would be of use to her. Turns out, she actually liked my work and even though I started out our professional relationship by completely shitting on one of her t-shirt designs (figuratively), we got along famously. I eventually met Scott in person when I was on a quick trip to Richmond (a city I immediately fell in love with). He showed me the W4W studio and we talked business. He eventually decided I was not insane. I met Laura IRL when she crashed at my place in New Jersey to attend a textile conference in New York City and she was kind enough to pretend to enjoy my god-awful cooking. Nowadays I’m helping with marketing, social media and PR. I’m ridiculously excited to be part of something about which I have such a great deal of passion and to be working with two talented people who just really have their shit together.

Most people talk about their mid-life crisis, but I suppose my motorcycle initiative is only my “one-third life crisis.” I think that when I hit 40, I’ll just buy a convertible.

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