Inside West Broad Street – The Beginning

We closed on this property on April 20, 2015. Scott and I were still living in Austin, Texas at the time, so we had to fly out to Richmond to sign all the paperwork at the closing. We arrived a few days early on the 18th – I was just coming back from a business trip in Brazil, and Scott was flying in from Austin. His mom and step-dad were kind enough to let us stay with them for the few days; it’s great to have all of his family so close to us.
The day of the closing, we arrived at the attorney’s office, and spent 45 minutes signing paperwork. When everything was complete and the building was finally ours, our realtor arrived carrying a mishmash wad of keys.

“The previous owner of the building wanted you to have these keys. He doesn’t know what they go to, but he’s pretty sure one of them will open a door to let you into the building.”

And that’s how we took ownership of the building.

The following photos were taken within the first couple of weeks of our closing date. I had to head back to Austin almost immediately following the closing, but Scott stayed in Richmond for another week, meeting plumbers and other contractors at the building while he tried to get the water, gas and electric turned on.