Co-Founder Laura and Loryn of Ridewell

Image by Brandon Lajoie

We spend a lot of time learning about our customers – what they like, what annoys them, why they ride, and so on. One such woman is our friend, Loryn, at Ridewell ( We’ve been keeping up with her progress on her bike (The Little Rat) as well as her thoughts on riding safely in traffic and how much she loves the women’s riding community.

Worse for Wear Co-Founder, Laura Smith, recently caught up with Loryn and had a chat with her about the fit, form, and function of women’s motorcycle apparel. You can listen to the interview in hi-fi stereo from her website. Bust out the headphones and it’s like we’re talking inside your head!

Making Women’s Motorcycle Gear that Fits: Worse for Wear cofounder Laura Smith

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