Motorcycling: It’s for everyone!

Mariana Preciado hitting the dirt trails.

Just follow my logic for a minute here

Remember that movie “A League of their Own”? It was pretty awesome. The ladies kicked some serious ass, all while looking fabulous. I’m pretty sure every woman (and probably some men) left the theater wanting to be one of the characters in that movie.

The thing about the female baseball league is that even though the players used the same equipment as male ballplayers, played by the same rules and took the sport just as seriously, they were never really equal with men’s baseball. Kinda got me thinking about how difficult it is for men and women to play on the same level from a strength and endurance perspective.

Which, of course, brings me back to motorcycling. In what other sport or recreation do men and women use the same equipment, wear the same quality gear, play by the same rules and put themselves in the same amount of danger as they do in riding? Motorcycles, whether riding competitively on the track or simply touring alone, is the most equal type of activity.

I’ve seen young men riding single-cylinder cafe cruisers in cities and older women riding 800 pound Harley Road Kings. I’ve seen a woman who can lean into a turn and get a knee down just as well as a man, on the same bike. Women get the same kinds of injuries and are willing to take the same kind of risks. Check out four-time WMX winner and two-time X-Games winner, Ashley Fiolek, for example.

I hear about female empowerment and leaning in and so on, but the way I see it there is nothing more proactive and statement-making than getting on a giant American cruiser or a beautiful Italian sport bike and hitting the road. Frankly, I’m surprised more women don’t ride.

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One thought on “Motorcycling: It’s for everyone!

  1. I really believe that the only diference between males and females on a motorcycle is the beauty and sexy look of womans, but in terms of skills and talent not much.
    And example of really beatiful person and great rider is Mariana Preciado, she can ride dirt, sport and cruisers really well.

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