Laura Interviewed by Litas Founder, Jessica Haggett

Photo: Nick Davis (@nickdavis_rva)

The Bold Babe Series: Laura Smith – Worse for Wear

By Jessica Haggett

Where are you originally from and where do you live now? I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, and spent the first 30 years of my life there, until I moved to southern California for a couple of years, then 7 years in Austin, Texas and now finally two years in Richmond, Virginia. Growing up in Cincinnati was a really interesting time, especially for me getting into motorcycling because I didn’t really have any friends who rode at all.”

Jessica Haggett, founder of international women’s riding group The Litas, catches up with Laura Smith for a personal interview about her riding experience and the catalyst behind starting Worse for Wear. You can read the entire interview on The Litas website.

CityBike Magazine Reviews Our Riding Jeans

Reprinted with permission from CityBike Magazine

Worse For Wear Crosstown Curvy Jeans

By An DeYoung

New jeans. I don’t know about you guys, but the thought of having to shop for new jeans makes me consider a life of sweatpants. It’s hours of trying to find that one perfect pair. Throw in the need for them to be slide-proof and you’ve got yourself a real challenge. Continue reading CityBike Magazine Reviews Our Riding Jeans

Crosstown Slim Jean Review From Moto Girl Café

Photo: Alexia Philips for Moto Girl Café

Worse For Wear Jeans: Simply the Best

by Beth Lavinder

“Any woman who has ever tried to purchase ‘that perfect pair’ of jeans knows the challenges of finding the pair that is both comfortable and flattering. Women who ride have the extra complication of finding jeans that also have good protective qualities to keep them safe while on the road. To be honest, I’d pretty much given up hope that I’d ever find a pair of riding jeans that fulfilled these requirements.” – Beth Lavinder, Moto Girl Café

Read the full review here on Moto Girl Café

The Iron Butt Fashionista reviews our Crosstown Curvy Riding Jeans

Photo: The Iron Butt Fashionista

Worse for Wear’s Crosstown Curvy Jeans

By Deb Gasque

“There is nothing like slipping on your favorite pair of jeans. We feel comfortable, at ease and the world just seems right again. I’ve often wondered how possible it would be to enjoy a favorite pair of jeans that make you feel good and look good…but also fit within the standard of ATGATT. As I’ve researched the choices of women’s riding gear over the past few years, I always become extremely disappointed and just give up once I scan over the sizing charts. For years I’ve just settled with the idea that standard women’s riding gear is simply not made for my hourglass figure. I was blessed with a curvy “Iron Butt,” if you will, and a proportionately smaller waist.” – Deb Gasque, BMW Owners News

Deb Gasque (aka The Iron Butt Fashionista) writes for BMW Owners News, among other noteworthy publications. Her latest review of our Crosstown Curvy Jeans appears in the November 2016 issue of BMW ON. You can check out the entire review on her website, The Fashionista Has an Iron Butt.

Ridewell’s Review of our Crosstown Slim Riding Jeans

Photo: Pedro Valdez for Ridewell

Worse for Wear Crosstown Jeans Review

By Loryn Thompson

“Do you wear riding jeans? Until a couple weeks ago, I didn’t, and I definitely wasn’t alone. A 2012 study of Oregon riders found that while 75% of their respondents wore protective jackets and boots, only 36% wore protective pants. The 2009 MAIDS study of nearly 1,000 crashes found that 60% of riders who crashed were only wearing denim — or worse, thin cotton.” – Loryn Thompson, Ridewell

Check out Loryn’s review of our Crosstown Slim Riding Jeans on her blog, Ridewell.