Diana Reviews Things; or, Five Bikes I Want to Have Sex with in 2016

Photo: Giedrius Jakulevičius

Oh, EICMA – you have ruined my productivity for the week. I can’t stop watching your Twitter feed and I’m already counting my ducats (yes, ducats, not Ducatis) trying to determine how to best allocate my meager resources for next riding season. Continue reading Diana Reviews Things; or, Five Bikes I Want to Have Sex with in 2016

Motorcycling: It’s for everyone!

Mariana Preciado hitting the dirt trails.

Just follow my logic for a minute here

Remember that movie “A League of their Own”? It was pretty awesome. The ladies kicked some serious ass, all while looking fabulous. I’m pretty sure every woman (and probably some men) left the theater wanting to be one of the characters in that movie. Continue reading Motorcycling: It’s for everyone!

Worse for Wear in Richmond BizSense

Photo: Michael Thompson of Richmond BizSense

We had the pleasure of meeting with Michael Thompson at Richmond BizSense, to talk to him about our women’s motorcycle apparel startup here in Richmond, Virginia.

Bikers Rev Up Apparel Venture in Scott’s Addition – Richmond BizSense, October 29, 2015

Everyone in Richmond has been so friendly since we arrived, helping us get settled in and inviting us on group rides. Couldn’t ask for a nicer group of people when you’re new in town. Special thanks to Scott Takahashi and the RVA Bike Night Facebook group for the warm Richmond welcome.