Laura on Refreshingly Innovative

From Steffon’s website, Refreshingly Innovative:

“Refreshingly Innovative is a podcast and blog that explores people, entrepreneurs, and ideas that are novel, creative, or disruptive. Simply put, anything that is refreshing and/or innovative.

Refreshingly Innovative is hosted by Steffon Bryant Randolph, an entrepreneur, coffee connoisseur, and motorcycle enthusiast. Tweet your episode suggestions or refreshingly innovative things to @SteffonRandolph or @RefreshInnovate.

This episode features an interview with Laura Smith, co-founder and designer at Worse for Wear, an awesome women’s motorcycle apparel company operating in Richmond, Virginia. I get schooled on design, fashion, selvedge denim and more. I had a lot of fun talking with Laura about her business and motorcycles, I hope you enjoy our conversation too.”

Listen to the episode on SoundCloud or in iTunes.


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