Scott Saunders, Co-Founder

Scott Saunders
Co-Founder, Worse for Wear

I learned to ride in 1993 or so, stalling and dropping my best friend’s 535 Virago in various Richmond parking lots between sculpture classes at VCU. I bought my first bike, a 1984 Suzuki GS550E, and started customizing it almost immediately. There were a bunch of young men and women around town replacing handlebars with clip-ons or clubmans and spray painting their bikes flat black. I joined in and loved it.

I worked my way up through a couple more bikes to a ’92 Kawasaki ZX-7 before selling it to move to New Orleans. There, I put off buying a new bike because of the shitty roads and possibility of theft. I kept putting it off for ten years or so, until I became one of those guys who “used to ride” and stared wistfully at bikes in parking lots.

After moving to Austin, I found a deal on a used and abused Yamaha TDM850. I bought it for two reasons: 1: I wanted to reclaim some parts of my life that I had lost, and 2: I wanted to impress Laura Smith, who had just blown my mind. Before I knew it, Laura and I were shacked up with a backyard full of motorcycles, living the dream. We noticed we were having lots of discussions about how hard it is to find good riding gear for women and how cool it would be to make some.

Now we’re making that happen. We’re combining our riding experience, our sewing skills, and our experience with systems design and manufacturing to make some gear and build a business. I’m really excited about what’s coming up and can’t wait to share more.

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