Diana Reviews Things; or, Five Bikes I Want to Have Sex with in 2016

Photo: Giedrius Jakulevičius

Oh, EICMA – you have ruined my productivity for the week. I can’t stop watching your Twitter feed and I’m already counting my ducats (yes, ducats, not Ducatis) trying to determine how to best allocate my meager resources for next riding season. Continue reading Diana Reviews Things; or, Five Bikes I Want to Have Sex with in 2016

Motorcycling: It’s for everyone!

Mariana Preciado hitting the dirt trails.

Just follow my logic for a minute here

Remember that movie “A League of their Own”? It was pretty awesome. The ladies kicked some serious ass, all while looking fabulous. I’m pretty sure every woman (and probably some men) left the theater wanting to be one of the characters in that movie. Continue reading Motorcycling: It’s for everyone!

Scott Saunders, Co-Founder

Scott Saunders
Co-Founder, Worse for Wear

I learned to ride in 1993 or so, stalling and dropping my best friend’s 535 Virago in various Richmond parking lots between sculpture classes at VCU. I bought my first bike, a 1984 Suzuki GS550E, and started customizing it almost immediately. There were a bunch of young men and women around town replacing handlebars with clip-ons or clubmans and spray painting their bikes flat black. I joined in and loved it. Continue reading Scott Saunders, Co-Founder