Impact Abrasion Resistance Testing with Arduino

You can read our interview on the Arduino blog here: Testing Riders’ Clothing with Arduino

Scott and I built an abrasion resistance testing machine a few months back, using a belt sander and an Arduino Uno for the logic and data display. It allows our company to perform tests on different materials like knit fabrics, woven fabrics, and leather, to see how long it takes before the material is sanded completely through. This is a good thing to find out before you’re skidding down the road on your ass at 50mph. Continue reading Impact Abrasion Resistance Testing with Arduino

Coming Apart At The Seams

There’s a lot of motorcycle clothing out there these days. Some garments claim they’ll protect you in a crash, but how do you know for sure? How can you separate the real gear from the fashion wear? The right materials are important, and impact protection is a no-brainer, but what about seams? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at seams as a way to determine if you’re investing in quality riding gear. We’ll concentrate on seams for textile garments, especially those used in making jeans, since that’s what we’ve been obsessing over lately. Continue reading Coming Apart At The Seams

Inside West Broad Street – The Beginning

We closed on this property on April 20, 2015. Scott and I were still living in Austin, Texas at the time, so we had to fly out to Richmond to sign all the paperwork at the closing. We arrived a few days early on the 18th – I was just coming back from a business trip in Brazil, and Scott was flying in from Austin. His mom and step-dad were kind enough to let us stay with them for the few days; it’s great to have all of his family so close to us. Continue reading Inside West Broad Street – The Beginning